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We “The Nature International” are Manufactures and Exporter Of Stainless Steel Door HingesSS Butt Hinges, SS L Hinges, Lock SystemsPremium Tower BoltsFurniture Fittings. We are having a wide and well-functional Infrastructural unit that is located at Rajkot (Gujarat, India).

The Nature International was Incorporated in the year of 2016 with the vision of delivering a remarkable collection of products with High-Quality Stainless Steel, according to National and International set standards. The international market remains our focus market always, however, we also believe “Make in India” products should be promoted and consumed within India and International markets as well.















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Door Hinges help Open and Close Doors Easily

Stainless Steel Door Hinges specially made from Stainless Steel play a vital role in making the opening and closing of Doors, a smoother task. Stainless steel makes Door operation more smother, rust-free, and durable for a lifetime. One pair of Stainless steel plates are attached to each other by center pivotal pins hence doors can move forward easily or backward smoothly.


For more durability of the center of the hinge, pivotal pins are covered with the help of welding from both sides. Stainless Steel Door Hinges are made from many different types of materials and are a mandatory part of Door Fitting. Buyers like Wholesalers, Purchase Managers, procurement managers, Construction Entrepreneurs, and B2B Customers don’t have to head to a hardware store as they can buy Stainless steel hinges online.


Choose from an exclusive range of SS hinges online and get the best pick by checking different types of SS hinges for Doors and Windows. That’s all, you can check products online and if you have any questions you can directly call our sales team or customer care team at +91 90332 99992. Our team will help you to choose the best SS hinges for your requirement.


Be Sure about what hinges you are buying for your door! Don’t make the wrong purchase you can take the help of this comprehensive list will help you choose the right hinges and important points to look into while selecting ss door hinges.

Types of Hinges

The type of door hinge would depend on the size(Height, Width, Thickness) and the material of the door. Some exclusive Types of Door Hinges include Stainless Steel Door Hinges, SS Butt Hinges, SS L Hinges, SS W hinges, SS Ball Bearing Hinges, SS Parlament Hinges, SS Z hinges, SS Flush Door Hinges, SS Stone Hinges, A normal Plain butt hinge is two steel flaps connected together with the help of a pin or a wire screw.


SS butt hinges can be used for interior and doors mainly. SS L Hinges comprise an “L” shape that can be easily fixed and is often used for kitchen cabinet doors and lightweight doors. Similarly, in SS W Hinges, the Shape “W” will helps the adjustment of indoor fittings.

SS Ball Bearing Hinges are used for heavy-duty doors and industrial doors as they can facilitate for the door to be opened smoothly for a longer period of time. 

The Materials Used to Manufacture Stainless Steel Door Hinges

Stainless Steel Door Hinges connect the Door or window to a wall and are hence made from SS202 and SS304 materials grades that can withstand extreme wear and tear. Suggested by many top door manufacturers or online e-commerce companies like Stainless steel is a popular material used to manufacture hinges. Stainless Steel is low cost and rust-resistant hence making it the most preferred material.


Some of the other SS Materials Grades that are used to make SS hinges include SS201 and SS316. SS201 is a commercial or regular quality product for cheap hinges making whereas SS316 is used to make Export Quality SS hinges and the highest know the quality for SS hinges making. Once you have a clear idea of the material the next step you need to check for the finish of the ss hinges.


You can find a finish depending on the material of your door and the design of your room. SS Matt Finish, Antique Nickel Finish, Polished brass finish, satin chrome finish, antique nickel finish, and bronze finish are some of the popular kinds of finish that are available. some on request some available on regular order. 

Some more tips While Buying Hinges

It is very much important that the Stainless Steel Door Hinges you select are the best for the type of door at your place. For Example, SS Flush Door hinges would be a suitable option for both sides revolving openable doors while Parlament hinges would be the best selection for doors with high thickness and more width. You can select and buy the best door hinges online and chose to pay for the same from multiple payment methods available on your shopping cart page. At the end with the right choice of SS hinges be rest assured of getting perfect and smoother door operation long future.


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